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LY Corporation Fukuoka Development Division invites Kyushu Institute of Technology exchange students to an "Engineer Career Talk"

Event report

There are over 100 employees in the LY Fukuoka Development Division, and over half of our engineers are from overseas. From application development to data science, infrastructure, and development support, our specialists in various fields are working not only to develop LINE services but also to promote our technology through developer relations (DevRel).

DevRel is responsible for planning and operating exhibits at tech conferences as well as meetups to further communication between individuals and businesses in the region through engineering knowledge sharing or exchange sessions. As part of those efforts, the Development Division invited exchange students studying at the Kyushu Institute of Technology for the Engineer Career Talk held at the company.

At the beginning of the event, I (Yuhi Inoue with DevRel) gave a presentation to students about the Fukuoka Development Division and our screening process after participants were taken on an office tour, which gave them a sense of what our office is really like. The screening process can be done fully in English, and English speakers are more than welcome to apply for as there are no minimum Japanese language requirements in the Development Division.

Please refer to the following link for details.
[New Graduate Recruitment Information]

During the event, Mr. Chandra Gunawan with Development Team B (Development Department 1, Development Division) gave a presentation to our participants about what his current duties entail, why he chose to work in Japan, and what working in Japan is like. There was also a lively Q&A session where participating students peppered him with questions.

The students also had a chance to speak with some of our younger employees after the presentations.

Left: Bingxin QU(server-side engineer, LINE Sukimani); Right: Nicolas Pfeiffer (server-side engineer of SHOP-Sticker, Theme, Emoji) and Daichi Yamamichi (server-side engineer, LINE Wallet)

We received feedback from participating students saying that talking with our engineers provided inspiration, and that they felt more motivated to find a career in Japan.

Left: Peer Wang (server-side engineer, LINE Sukimani); Right: Chandra Gunawan (server-side engineer of SHOP-Sticker, Theme, Emoji)

Left: Koji Lin (head of Development Department 1); Right: Yihan Hsiao (server-side engineer, SHOP-Sticker, Theme, Emoji)

Employee feedback

Chandra Gunawan (from Indonesia; server-side engineer, SHOP-Sticker, Theme, Emoji)

This event was a great opportunity to show the students that there are employers in Japan, and they have an environment where non-Japanese speakers are able to work. Our company is an excellent example of such an employer. Our company can provide interpretation and translation services, as well as bots to help us translate our work.

There are also a lot of people working in the Fukuoka Development Division that come from overseas and can't speak Japanese yet. I know of several companies in Japan that don't require language skills, but they're usually tech companies or larger companies.

Yihan Hsiao (from Taiwan; server-side engineer, SHOP-Sticker, Theme, Emoji)

I find such opportunities to attend events like this to be incredibly valuable.

When I was a student, I would always look forward to attending events hosted by companies I was interested in. On the one hand, it allowed me to understand what the company expected from potential candidates, and on the other hand, I got to know the company better and decide whether it was a good fit for me and whether I was a good fit for it.

I’m also very happy that I can now, as an employee, help current students with their job search queries and concerns. It feels like growth, from being the one who received help to becoming the one who provides it.

A message from Yohei Nitta, head of the Fukuoka Development Division

Since 2016, The Fukuoka Development Division has been consistently and actively recruiting English speakers, including international students and exchange students visiting Japan.

In our office, English and Japanese coexist seamlessly. With the support of dedicated interpreters and language assistance, we have cultivated an environment that allows you to focus on our core business — service development.

Developing large-scale services comes with high technical challenges. However, LY Corporation provides a dynamic environment where you can enjoy problem-solving and promote self-growth as an engineer through the collaboration of numerous engineers both domestically and internationally with the expertise acquired from developing large-scale services.

If you're looking for a challenging and growth-oriented environment, we invite you to consider applying to LY Corporation. We eagerly await the opportunity to work with you.

The Fukuoka Development Division will continue to proactively work together with universities, companies, and organizations in initiatives to make the engineering scene more exciting from Fukuoka. We hope to offer events that are beneficial to participants and that play a role in helping students build successful careers!