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[Event Report] Engineer Talk in Fukuoka 2024

Panel discussion with Laurie, Freddie and Jones

Hello, I am Inoue from the Developer Relations Team of LY Corporation's Fukuoka Development Division.

On March 9, 2024, LY Corporation's Fukuoka Development Division, Nulab Inc., and Fourth Valley Concierge Corporation jointly held an event titled "Engineer Talk" for overseas engineers with the support of the city of Fukuoka.

Fukuoka City aims to become a city where engineers can live and work comfortably with an initiative called "Engineer Friendly City". As part of this effort, companies with offices in Fukuoka City took the lead in organizing this event to attract overseas engineers to Fukuoka.

1,200 people from over 85 countries registered for the event, and although it was held online, the event proved to be lively with a large number of participants.

Event overview

- Time and Date: Saturday, March 9, 2024, 14:00 - 16:00 (JST)
- Venue: Online
- Organized by: LY Corporation, Nulab Inc., Fourth Valley Concierge Corporation
- Supported by: Fukuoka City, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

Fukuoka City recently hosted its first event for international engineers, marking a collaborative effort with local companies to forge connections with engineers abroad that are interested in pursuing careers in Japan. Through sharing insights into the professional opportunities and lifestyles of engineers already settled in Fukuoka, the city aims to encourage English-speaking engineers from around the globe to consider making Japan their new home.

Event time table

Panel discussion

We invited engineers working in Fukuoka for an open discussion.

Each of the panelists introduced themselves and explained their current job in the first half of the session. The speakers gave an in-depth look into the interesting technical aspects of the different services they work on and the different languages they use. In the second half, we focused on the lives of the foreign engineers in Fukuoka, explaining the reasons why they decided to move to Fukuoka, their current lives, and the ease of living in the city. We received many questions from the participants, making it an interactive session.

Through this event, we were able to get a sense that many overseas engineers are interested in working in Fukuoka. We believe that this event was a good start for Fukuoka City as it continues to welcome more overseas engineers.

Four panelists answering questions
From left to right: Hashimoto of Nulab, Laurie of Engineer Cafe, Freddie of LY Corporation, Joonas of Nulab

The chat room was also very active, with more than 300 questions submitted by participants on the day of the event.

Nitta introducing LY Corporation
Nitta (General Manager of LY Corporation's Fukuoka Development Division) giving a company introduction

Participant survey

Results of pre- and post-event survey on interest in working in Fukuoka

The number of participants who were interested in working in Fukuoka increased by 34.5% after the event, and when combined with the "Very interested" and "Slightly interested" responses, 85.9% of the participants were interested in working in Fukuoka.

Post-event talks

You can listen to a post-event podcast episode on DevPods Fukuoka in which Hamasaki representing Fukuoka City, Hashimoto representing Nulab, and Nitta of LY Corporation talk about their impressions of the Engineer Talk and what their future plans are.


LY Corporation's Fukuoka Development Division plans to continue working with the city of Fukuoka, other companies, and organizations to actively develop initiatives to boost the engineering scene in Fukuoka.